At The Hawk Inn, Treat Your Senses to a Range of Activities and a Culinary Haven

At The Hawk Inn, Treat Your Senses to a Range of Activities and a Culinary Haven


The Hawk Inn is a culinary jewel hidden away in the charming hamlet of Amport. It offers a plethora of activities to make your stay truly memorable, in addition to a delicious dining experience. Encircled by the breathtaking Hampshire countryside, this little restaurant offers more than simply fine dining—it's a place to really engage with nature, adventure, and cultural delights.

Culinary delights

Let's first enjoy the delicious food that The Hawk Inn has to offer before exploring the thrilling activities that are in store for you. The restaurant, well-known for its seasonal cuisine made with products that are acquired locally, invites you to go on a culinary adventure. Every dish, from the delectable appetisers to the rich desserts, showcases the chef's commitment to crafting an unforgettable dining experience.

Outdoor adventures

After a delicious supper, discover the variety of outdoor activities offered by travelling into the nearby countryside. Hikers and others who value peace and quiet should enjoy an energetic walk or a leisurely stroll along the picturesque paths that wind through Amport. For those who enjoy nature and birdwatching, the Anton Lakes Local Nature Reserve is a sanctuary that offers a tranquil setting for introspection and birdwatching.

Cycling lovers may enjoy the excitement of travelling across the countryside with their bikes. There is something for every level of biker, as the rolling landscapes provide a range of surfaces ideal for both leisurely rides and more strenuous routes.

Leisure activities

The bowling alley at Riverside Bowl is a great place for bowling fans to get together and compete. Make memories with friends and family while having a fun day of strikes and spares.

Clay shooting can be the ideal option if you enjoy sports that call for dexterity and steadiness. Nearby Coombs Clay Shooting provides a unique experience for novices and experienced shooters alike, letting you test your marksmanship in a safe and regulated setting.

Creative endeavours

Take classes in woodworking and ceramics to fully immerse yourself in the realm of arts and crafts. Let your imagination go wild as you mould and form clay to create one-of-a-kind ceramic sculptures or stunning wooden masterpieces. Immersed in the natural splendour of the Hampshire countryside, these hands-on activities offer a therapeutic respite and a platform for artistic expression.

Adrenaline rush and fitness

If you're into fitness, there are plenty of options for energising exercises in the neighbourhood. Amport offers the perfect setting for being active while visiting, whether your preference is for an organised workout regimen or a morning jog through the village alleys.

Paintballing may be a great way to get your friends together for an exciting and adventurous time. Add some excitement to your stay by planning strategies with your teams and playing friendly competition while navigating through the forests.

Gin and wine tasting

Visit Black Chalk Wine, a nearby vineyard that creates superb sparkling wines, to further treat your palette. Enjoy the unique tastes of their superb wines, learn about the winemaking process, and go on a guided tour of the vineyards.

Participate in a gin tasting if gin is more your style. The Hawk Inn can set you up with a carefully chosen assortment of artisanal gins so you can sample the many botanical qualities and scents of this popular beverage.

Educational tours

Visit the Hawk Conservancy Trust for an excursion that is more focused on education and conservation. Admire the magnificent raptors, take in the amazing aerial performances, and discover the significance of conservation in maintaining these amazing animals.

It's an excellent opportunity to establish a stronger bond with the natural world and comprehend the significance of protecting animals.

Additional adventures

Make the most of your trip by seeing more of the local attractions. For individuals who appreciate deciphering secrets and solving puzzles, KLB Escape Room provides an exciting and engaging experience. As you make your way through difficult situations, put your teamwork and problem-solving abilities to the test.

Visit the Wessex Spirits Tasting Room to sample some local alcoholic beverages. Explore the world of handmade beverages and learn about their distinctive tastes and workmanship. Participate in tastings and discover how these remarkable spirits are made through the distillation process.

Thruxton Circuit is a short drive away and a racing fan's paradise. If you are excited by the sound of revving engines and the smell of burnt rubber, you should think about going to an event or maybe taking a driving lesson at this famous racecourse.

Cultural explorations

Visit Finkley Down Farm, an engaging, family-friendly farm that provides fun for guests of all ages, to broaden your cultural horizons. Experience farm life firsthand, engage with animals, and take part in a variety of activities that highlight the allure of rural living.

Visit the Museum of the Iron Age to go back in time. Discover more about the rich history of the area by seeing exhibitions and artefacts that vividly depict the Iron Age. It's an amazing chance to learn about Hampshire's history and establish a connection with the past.

Exciting activities

Ironsight Activities offers a thrilling experience for people looking for a tactical challenge and an adrenaline rush. Take part in outdoor pursuits like airsoft and laser tag, which provide both individuals and groups with an immersive and strategic adventure.


To sum up, a trip to The Hawk Inn goes beyond the boundaries of a conventional dining experience. A comprehensive experience that includes nature exploration, artistic endeavours, physical activities, educational outings, and much more.

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