Hawk Inn

Hawk Inn

Along the vivid and endearing Amport Village, Hawk Inn is a lovely pub for all naturalistic souls. This dainty inn is close to the chocolate box cottages, gorgeous country gardens, and rolling hills.

Right outside of Andover, you witness nature falling in harmony with the spices of the land. The delicious food and refreshing views take you on a classic dining experience. You will witness such an authentic aura that you find nowhere else.

The convenient location of Hawk Inn is ideal for a casual and comforting stay. In addition to being close to Andover, it is present between M4 and M3 near A303. Because of its closeness to the scenic attractions of Amport Village, it serves as the centre of attention for the public.

Rooms to Stay

Hawk Inn provides you with the most comfortable stay of your life. The charming rooms have a scenic view of Amport village, Andover, and its surrounding area.

Every customer has a room suited for them. Our immaculate bedrooms are well-equipped with several amenities. The large bedrooms come with a lounge area and bathroom. The furnishing of our rooms is light, creating a spacious effect. Besides, our room service is quick and will never leave you waiting!

Here at Hawk Inn, we welcome you like family!

Plan An Event With Us

Hawk Inn is best known for the elaborate events hosted here. It’s never just a party!

Whether you want a place to host a formal dinner or a grand Christmas party, we’ve got you covered. With adequate space for 54 seated guests, we offer the experience of your lifetime!

We arrange events like:

  • Birthday parties
  • Office meetings
  • Formal parties
  • Christmas parties
  • Baby showers
  • Wedding receptions
  • Intimate dinners

And more!

Our talented chefs work hard to prepare delicious meals for your party. They have designed menus perfect for your event. These menus include:

  • 3-course set menus
  • Bite-sized canapes
  • Buffet options (house buffet and sandwich buffet)
  • Finger food
  • Tacos, sliders, or bowls

Our sweet delights are perfect to celebrate a special event like a wedding reception or a baby shower. In addition to these options, we offer:

  • Breakfast Tea
  • Afternoon Tea

This extensive menu option will make your day memorable for you and your guests!


You’ve gotten a glimpse of our comprehensive menu. But to dive into the delicious wonders our chefs prepare is a wonderful experience. The delicacies are made with love and skills. Each dish is cooked with authentic flavours.

Among our many savoury delights, the must-tries are:

  • Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs
    The juicy salmon is paired perfectly with our soft and airy scrambled eggs. This dish is served with cherry tomatoes and malted bloomers for freshness.
  • Beyond meat burger
    Our speciality meat burger is to die for! The meat is seasoned with our spices. It has a medium-rare cook to it. The burger is served with the side dish and sauce of your choice.
  • Lamb leg steak
    The lamb leg steak has a gorgeous charr to it. The tender meat inside is juicy and delicious! You can pair your steak with a side dish and sauce of your choice.
  • Roast chicken
    The savoury and delicious chicken is a Hawk Inn special treat. The seasoning on the skin gives it a nice taste. The veggies on the side make the dish stand out!

And, if you’re looking for a light snack, you have to try out:

  • American waffle
  • Double sausage, cheese & egg muffin
  • Mac n cheese bites & bourbon BBQ

You try our food once and surely would want to return for more!


To savour the true essence of the countryside, Hawk Inn believes in preserving as many authentic flavours as possible. The best to keep the authenticity intact is to prepare drinks that tell a story.

With the help of our many like-minded suppliers, we create drinks that are environment-friendly and carbon-neutral. We also have many non-alcoholic drinks to accommodate people of all ages and backgrounds!

You can enjoy a drink while embracing the heavenly view of the countryside. Hawk Inn gives you a chance to reconnect with nature. We believe it’s a chance worth taking!

Dog Friendly

No worrying about hiring a dog-sitter for your vacation anymore! It’s time for you to have a vacation with your pup. Let him see the beautiful countryside surrounding Hawk Inn. Our spacious rooms and gorgeous gardens are ideal for you and your adorable dog. Our staff will welcome your pup like a member of their own family!

To Conclude Your Journey to Hawk Inn

Hawk Inn is at the heart of Andover, where the universe unravels its wonders right in front of your eyes! The convenient location and delightful amenities, make Hawk Inn the perfect pub for your stay. Our bedrooms are well-equipped, and our staff is always ready to serve you!

The chefs at Hawk Inn are skilled and work hard to prepare foods and drinks of your liking.

If you want to have an experience of your lifetime, visit Hawk Inn and explore nature at its finest!

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