The Hawk Inn in Amport village

The Hawk Inn in Amport village

At the heart of Amport village, surrounded by nature, Hawk Inn is the perfect escape from your daily grind. The luscious greenery and the clear sky will transcend you into a world of wonders. This country pub gives you a chance to explore the magnificence of hills just outside of Andover. For its convenient location, it is famous among travellers from all over the world who wish to embrace the countryside. The private dining experience, impeccable rooms, and outstanding gallery provide you with the ultimate relaxation you won’t find anywhere else!


Hawk Inn is located near Amport village, near Andover and A303. It is built between the M4 and M3, close to chocolate box cottages. The Inn gives a scenic view of Pill Hill Brook and the beautiful country gardens and rolling hills of Andover.

It is your perfect base to traverse through the nature that surrounds this alluring countryside.

Classic dining experience

If you’re looking for a quintessential dining experience, Hawk Inn has your back! The topmost list of food and drinks, the menu covers everything you’ll need.

  • Start your day with a delicious brekkie!
    Staying at Hawk Inn and carving a cup of coffee and some delicious treats first thing in the morning? No worries! Their variety of breakfast meals will make your morning memorable.

    Some of their famous breakfasts that deserve to be devoured are:

    1. Eggs Benedict
    2. American waffles
    3. Smoked salmon
    4. Eggs Florentine

    Besides that, you can order coffee, hot chocolate, and tea from their drinks section.

  • Brunch/ Lunch Delights
    From the main menu at Hawk Inn, you can order several culinary delights. Each dish is prepared with love by their masterful chefs.

    Their most famous meals are:

    1. Lamb Kofta
    2. Flat iron steal
    3. Cheese and bacon burger
    4. Baby back ribs

  • Make your afternoon teas memorable!
    The sandstone terrace at Hawk Inn gives you a beautiful view of Pill Hill Brook. Pair it with a hot cup of tea and snacks, and you’re destined to make a core memory there.

    In afternoon teas, you can enjoy some delicious desserts or a savoury sandwich. Besides, you can pick from their long list of cocktails (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

    It’s time for you to embrace the warmth of nature with your friends or family!

  • Sweet-treats
    If you have a sweet tooth and always want to end your meal with a hearty dessert, Hawk Inn has you covered. Some of their most liked desserts are:

    1. Sticky toffee pudding
    2. Biscoff cheesecake
    3. Cinnamon and toffee apple waffle

Impeccable rooms at Hawk-Inn

Hawk Inn is best known for its exceptionally designed bedrooms and attention to detail. The relaxing environment of the pub will only make you prolong your stay. Each guest is welcomed and celebrated with love and warmth.

The chic furniture, spacious terraces and gardens, and fine private dining are what make it so unique. You get innumerable amenities at a very reasonable price starting from £169. And, the best part is you can bring your pets here to give them the ultimately paw-perfect trip!

Activities to take

In addition to the delicious treats and an extensively designed gallery and bedrooms, you can enjoy your stay by taking part in these fun activities:

1. Walking and hiking
The beautiful rolling hills that surround Andover deserve to be explored! Pack your backpacks and walk through the hiking trails like the Test Way and the North Wessex Downs.

2. Outdoor games
You can enjoy your trip through the many outdoor games at Hawk Inn. Whether it is cycling, golfing, bowling, or fishing, everything is available! Clay shooting and paintballing are perfect to engage with your kids or friends.

3. Wine and gin tasting
What can be better than bringing your friends to an exclusion wine and gin tasting at Black Chalk Wine and Wessex Spirits Tasting Room? Pair it with a tour of the stunning vineyards of Hawk Inn, and you get yourself the experience of a lifetime.

4. Pottery and Woodwork
During your stay at Hawk Inn, you must visit Hurstbourne Forge. Ranging from art, garden items, and displays of other local crafts you will find everything there! This is your chance to bring souvenirs of your trip for your loved ones back home.

Places to visit

Hawk Inn gives you the perfect staycation where you can dive into the wonders of Andover. Not only is it ideal for a stay-in, it is perfect for you to explore places near it. All thanks to its convenient location!

1. The Museum of the Iron Age
If you’re a history enthusiast who wants to learn about different cultures, their origins, and the evolution of traditions, this is the right place for you. With two museums in the same building, you get to explore the history of Andover.

Andover Museum tells the story of the town, and the Museum of the Iron Age helps you peak into the history of Danebury Hillfort.

2. Anton Lakes Local Nature Reserve
Looking for a way to unwind into the arms of nature? Worry no more! This soothing nature reserve is ideal for walking, birdwatching, and sightseeing. The beautiful lakes are the cherry on top!

3. Ironsight Activities
Ironsight is a family-owned business with innumerable activities for your kids. From game zones and combat arenas to a fun activity centre for urban warfare-styled games, it is perfect for kids aged 7+. Some other fun activities include Laser Tag, Splatmaster, Paintball, and Airsoft.

4. KLB Escape Room
To have an adrenaline kick, bring your friends to this escape room and unleash the nerd in you! The teams are given an hour to use their skills to find clues, solve puzzles and escape the room.

Honorary Mentions

1. Bootcamp
2. The Hampshire Golf Club
3. Totcity
4. Finkley Down Farm


Hawk Inn is a beautifully designed pub surrounded by nature and several fun places. The nine bedrooms, the fine dining and a highly convenient location are sure to make you fall in love with this cosy space!

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